Monday, August 18, 2008

BLOGGING: Update @ Rainbow Cincinnati!!!

New column posted at Rainbow Cincinnati!!!! Here's your sneak peak, and here are all of my columns!!!

"When did you become a hypocrite?" Libby asked as I handed her an HRC sticker during the Northside Fourth of July Parade.

Just a few weeks before, she and I had harangued a local HRC Steering Committee member at Dayton Gay Pride about the evils of the gay empire -- the Human Rights Campaign. And now? I was promoting their event. In the matter of less than a month, I had become a hypocrite.

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And don't forget to check out Juliet's column, too, over there... a preview from her latest:

Lesbian Bed Death is a term created by sex researcher, Pepper Schwartz. It’s a term that describes, what she calls, the inevitable diminishment of sexual passion in a long-term lesbian relationship. Schwartz study indicated that over time, lesbians have less sex than all other couples, no matter the sexual orientation. Most noted was the fact that there was a steep decline in sexual activity among lesbians after the first year!
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Darren has not posted since last I updated.

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