Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We all know that Citizens for Community Values (CCV) was going to put out stuff against the Equal Housing and Employment Act. On the one hand, CCV is a hate-mongering, viciously anti-LGBTQ (and also anti-porn) fringe conservative group that delights in nothing more than its own continued propagation and the undermining of freedoms. On the other, the EHEA seeks to prohibit discrimination. Hm.

Thanks to James W. of the Ohio Democratic LGBT Caucus, via the Buckeye State Blog, via the Columbus Dispatch, via the CCV website, their action alert is a tasty bit of their usual vitriole:
“Bubbly.” “Caring.” “Everything’s an adventure!” “Loves to learn.”

That’s how everyone had always described 10-year-old Maddie.

And Ellen couldn’t understand why, all of a sudden, her precious first-born had become moody and lifeless. Why day after day she woke up “not feeling like going to school.”

After a conference with Maddie’s teacher, Ellen began to understand. It started in health class, with the required reading of a story about a family with two daddies. When Maddie said that the story made her sad, because God wanted everyone to have a mommy and a daddy, her teacher explained that feelings like that were a form of prejudice, like the way people used to treat slaves. Now all her classmates make fun of her. “Homophobe,” they call her.


Hardly. Stories similar to these will become commonplace in Ohio if a bill currently under consideration in the Ohio House of Representatives is passed into law.

It has been given the deceptive title, “Equal Housing and Employment Act (EHEA).” But it has nothing to do with equality.

It is, in fact, about inequality and discrimination – discrimination against employers, property owners and all Ohioans who hold to traditional Judeo-Christian values regarding human sexuality, in order to grant special advantages to a small minority of persons, like Joe, who identify themselves by their “sexual orientation” or “gender identity and expression.”
They even have a picture of sad looking little girl on the website, though they fail to identify whether or not that's Maddie.

Can I just clarify one thing, though? CCV is not Cincinnati based... it's Sharonville based. We all kinda thought that CCV would be quiet, for the most part, because of their involvement in overturning Iowa's marriage law (I have no source, this is just what I heard). 

Today, at the statehouse, the Government subcommittee of the House heard opponent testimony on EHEA; I'll post as soon as an update goes out.


Anonymous said...

Why is it the founder and leader of CCV, an admitted, addicted masturbator, is never outed for his weakness. Can't keep his hands off it;is pre-occupied by his genitals; seeks to outlaw porn for everyone because he personally cannot control himself. That is CCV's leader. Being as such, why do they command ANY credibility?

Quimbob said...

CCV is no different than the Taliban.

Doug said...

AHAHA! That is the single worst press release ever. I don't feel furious at them for exploiting a theoretical little girl's confusion. I feel entirely amused at the entirely crass and ham-handed nature of it.

Of course I'm not the target audience, which I realize, but still...