Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Media Round-Up of the Tabby's Event

Update: Apparently the video players that Local 12 and WCPO use are the same and I can't post two videos on the same page with that same player? So... I believe you're seeing the Local12 video below, but I could be wrong, click on the links to go to the actual websites.

I heard it was a great time had by all, and there was a hugely positive response, but I'll let the people that were there tell the story.

From WCPO Channel 9, video:
Local 12, video:

Update: I hear there have been some crazy things popping up on y'all's screens with these videos. They're awesome. Click on the links above.

Story by WLWT, Channel 5, which has some amazing comments from highly educated and informed people like this one below:
DUH Go to a bar where you can be yourself then. Does that sound like a simple solution or is it that these people want everything and not expect people to tell them no. Go be yourself where you can openly express that not somewhere you're not wanted or accepted because otherwise all you're doing is opening up a can of Wh**p A** on yourself. You can't force people to accept this lifestyle so stop it!
So, "Come to our bar and we'll beat the shit out of you." Thanks. You're awesome.

And, of course, the Cincinnati Enquirer, which focused on the Guerrilla Queer Bar aspect of the invasion... which also has some amazing comments, like this:
I don't mind if you're gay, and I don't mind if you go to a "straight" bar because really you're just segregating it yourself. It's not the 60's and 70's anymore, anyplace is open to anyone. It's just when you get 200 or so people together in a small bar such as Tabby's, tempers are going to flair even if you're all straight or all gay. Now I'm sure something was said or done to spark this, and I'm sure even the gays were involved in it as well. I've seen this group out before, and trust me, the way they conduct themselves isn't normal. You don't have to round up a bunch of gays and lesbians to go have a good time at a "straight" bar, just go out with a smaller group and hang out, no one is going to bother you. If I have 200 gays sitting around me staring and talking about me, then of course I'm either going to say something or leave the bar...

To give you an idea of how heated this particular story, I would say a good 70% of the comments are being removed for violation of terms of service, which I believe include the threatening of violence against people. EEP!

*Sigh* So much education to do, so little time.


The Seeker said...

Humanity depressed me...

ANG said...

Tempers are going to flair! I love it.

Anonymous said...

I avoided the comments from the Guerilla Queer Bar article at the Enquirer after the first day. The vitriol spewed there disgusted and depressed me.

Jeff Elrod said...

with many of the comments, you can switch out "gay" for "black," and it looks like an internet version 60s era birmingham.

won't stop me from having a good time on friday, though.