Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tyrone Yates Not Running for Senate

Texas Liberal, one of my favorite bloggers, is reporting that Tyrone Yates will not be seeking the Senate seat that Sen. Voinovich is leaving this year. Yates' statement:
After much consideration, and in light of the serious work of the legislature in this budget crisis, I have decided to discontinue my exploratory committee and not pursue a seat for the United States Senate at this time.

I had to face the choice of running for the U.S. Senate or working to find solutions to Ohio’s critical budget problems. I choose to go to work on Ohio’s immediate fiscal stress. I am determined not to advance a personal agenda over my deep commitment to the public business. My decision not to pursue the U.S. Senate at this time in no way diminishes the serious issues I care about faced by Ohioans and the United States.

I will continue to advocate for cleaning up our banking and financial system, repairing the housing and foreclosure crisis, re-establishing a broad manufacturing role for Ohio and American workers, and a strong foreign policy reflecting America’s best impulses.

I am steadfast in my view that the Democratic Party offers the best answers to these critical dilemmas and I will work with Ohio Democrats to win the U.S. Senate seat in 2010.

I want to express appreciation to the press and my deep thanks to everyone who supported my exploratory effort including Ohio Democratic Party Chairman, Chris Redfern.
The Democratic side is heavy with powerhouse state politicians, namely Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher. Both are very, very LGBTQ friendly.

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