Monday, June 15, 2009

First Final Thought on Pride

Probably not final final, but you get the idea...

You know it's a WIN weekend when an angry mother emails you saying: "Are you aware there's a picture of you kissing my son on his page?"


A few things also:
  • At the Serpent last night, the bartender came over the intercom announcing that we were being locked in due to some bad shit happening on Hamilton Avenue. Rumors were flying. Best I can tell, sorting through, there was a fight (truth), cops were arresting people (truth), possibly arresting anyone on the street for about thirty minutes (half-truth), maybe a window got broken (rumor -- couldn't find the broken window), all the bars were advising people to stay inside (possible half-truth), and telling people that they COULDN'T leave made them want to leave anymore ("well, they can't tell me what to do!" -- queens! truth). Again, I cannot find any details other than what I experienced, but rumors were flying faster that queers to the barstools.
  • Check out the pictures from Metromix -- are you on there?
  • Apparently there's a "Cincinnati gay relationships examiner" over at (a lot of new bloggers over there!). He gives the whole experience a thumbs up; I do, too, but you know I've got something coming about my take. I had an interesting debrief this morning about the whole Pride thing; as we were talking, my first thought was, "I need to blog this!" But I'm tired.
  • Oh, and I'm hungover. I'm going to bed. Kisses!
How was YOUR pride? Did you squeal?

Oh! And my flickr stream is up and running! WHOOHOO! Click on the image below to check out 76 of the better pictures I had!

And don't forget my Facebook pictures and the Twitpics from yesterday!


Michael Chanak Jr said...

Love - I squealed a few times, snorted sometimes...was reminded that good hydration, SPF 50 and a straw hat...seem to be the key to success.


Michael Chanak Jr said...

Great photos btw. You and Jere Keys and Rene Micheo - all super stuff. Caught on the range of wonderfulness...

Anonymous said...

An awesome Pride event -- bravo to the Pride Committee and the GLBT Community Center for a job well done!!!

therealeddiej said...

Yes, I have to agree Pride was pretty awesome this year. Thanks for the shout out and the link to my examiner page btw, this is appreciated greatly.

Much Love