Saturday, June 6, 2009

Guerrilla Queer Bar Success!!!

Last night was Guerrilla Queer Bar at Cadillac Ranch -- FABULOUS! :-) I had not expected to have as much fun as I did because, as @5chw4r7z points out, "that place is already so gay."

Yes, kids, we descended into the world of popped collars, untucked shirts, and a mechanical bull, and I'll say that I've had the best time I've ever had since day one of CGQB, mostly thanks to the charming and fabulous company of Julie Niesen of Wine Me, Dine Me, Cincinnati. Seriously. She said she was going to pop down, and I figured that I'd see her, we'd have a drink, a laugh, and we'd be on our way. Oh, no, she and I gossiped and checked out hotties the whole night through. And @Kate_The_Great even came out to hang out for a bit! OMG, I seriously thought I was going to go into fabulous overdrive.

Unfortunately, though, I think I overdrew my bank accoutn by $20. That happens, occasionally, and I need to reenter that part of my life we call "fiscal responsibility," which is hard for Democrats like me :-).

Emptying my pockets this morning -- always fun to dive through the detritus of a good night out, burying through crumpled dollar bills and random kitsch you grab throughout the night -- CGQB now has business cards which, on the back, says that you can "pass on this card to a cutie to request a free consensual kiss." Sadly, I never used it :-(, but life goes on as normal, doesn't it? :-) The card, as Chris G. pointed out, has unicorns! Who doesn't love unicorns? I also found, amidst crumpled bits of paper, a great and exciting email address which I had all but forgotten picking up... that of Alex Triantafilou.

Who? you may ask. Alex is the Chairman of the HamCo Republican Party, and blogger and a tweeter, who was actually very excited that Julie and I had popped over to say hello. Expect a conversation to begin there. (For the record: Alex was not joining Queer Bar but was just out at Cadillac Ranch with friends, but he was really excited to learn that we were there and fully supported the movement.) It's for moments like those, I think, that CGQB exists.

I am mitigating my hangover this morning with pasta and water bottles, but I'm totally pumped by the amazing party last night. As always, thanks guys and gals for putting it together!!!


Jere Keys said...

Popped collars? Really? I'm speechless at the level of wrong. Are you sure you weren't at a vampire bar? As Buffy would say, "Trust me, only someone who had lived underground for ten years would think that was still the look."

Jeff Elrod said...

wohooo, good seeing y'all last night!

Anonymous said...

I noticed people on a (fictional) TV show set in the Hamptons, supposed to be portraying the ultra hip and wealthy and the men had popped collars. I guess that is coming back. God help us.