Friday, June 5, 2009

Guest Blog Over at Rainbow Cincinnati

I have a liberal policy of guest blogging here -- I welcome it as a way of opening the dialogue. Jason Boeckman, author of Cincinnati's newest queer blog Out With it Already, has twice taken the opportunity, and you can find his newest post over at QueerCincinnati's Rainbow Cincinnati blog. As always, here's your teaser:
Celebrate the New Hampshire victory for marriage equality because it’s a victory worth celebrating!

No doubt in these next few days we will see plenty media coverage and commentary detailing the marriage happenings in NH and elsewhere as the effort to pass legislation granting civil marriage for same-sex couples continues across the nation.

Progress is made by changing hearts and changing minds. Now is a prime opportunity to discuss gay rights issues with your friends, family members and co-workers. These conversations are necessary for the success of the LGBT movement.
(click here for the full post, click here for the QueerCincinnati blog there)
As always, check out the excellent content and updates over at Rainbow Cincinnati by clicking on the image below.

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