Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brunner on Marriage Equality

I love women in politics, it's why I supported Hillary Clinton... well, that and because she was awesome. In 2010, Ohio will be voting for a new Senator as current Sen. Voinovich has decided to step down. One of the Democrats running is current Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner... who unabashedly supports LGBTQ marriage equality and isn't afraid to say it.

From her recent post on the Huffington Post:
After a dreadful past eight years birthed by a process fueled by hatred (yes, Ohio decided the 2004 election, using the gay marriage ban as the ultimate wedge to drive a record number of evangelical Christian and conservative voters to the polls), we now have the chance to shape the foundation of this century to be one less violent, more compassionate, more responsible and accountable, and one full of opportunity and hope. A good start is to recognize family in all the ways it emerges, for a stronger social fabric that will support us as we pursue the founding ideals of our country for years to come.

Marriage equality's time is now.
Unbelievable and beautiful. Thank you for saying it.

On the flip coin, her Democratic rival for the nomination -- current Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher -- has not always been hot on marriage equality, though has made statements in the past in support of civil unions. Last week, he had this to say to the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
"The government should be focused on creating jobs, lowering health care costs and moving us to alternative energy, instead of trying to stop individuals who want to be in a committed relationship and take responsibility for each other."
It's not rainbow flag-wavin', hugely supportive, but it looks like a softening towards the issue, as WTTE reports.

And thanks to Jason from Out With it Already for the heads up!

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