Monday, June 15, 2009

Pride, Round 3, from Cody (quick update)

Hello all my lovely squealers! (OMG did I just really say that...?)

So Cincy Pride '09 was my first Pride ever, and boy did I jump in the deep end (I know, what's new...)!
I managed to go completely insane and volunteer Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I got the shit burned out of my face, but the farmer's tan came back on my arms thankfully... I had a great time workin with the planning folk (props to Bill, Adam, Jana, Nate, Mother, Hollenbeck, Rusty, and everyone else who volunteered and organized) and even though it was hellish (who knew it monsooned in Hell?) and we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off half the time, it worked! I look forward to doing it again next year actually (yes, I'm that damn insane).

I'd also like to say thanks to those folks who stopped by the dunking booth and launched myself, my friend Mary Beth, and our friends Chris, Alex, and the hot rainbow-haired twink-whose-name-I-didn't-catch into the tank to raise some more money for the Gay and Lesbian Center of Cincinnati. (see Barry's photo(s) of me being dunked).

The final bit of my weekend was the most fulfilling: My name, "The Seeker" finally yielded some results and I happened across Alex, our dunking booth friend, whom ended up taking me back to his hotel room for a wonderful night of fun. Best part is, I think there's more to come with this cutie too! (That's right Barry, be jealous, and no, you can't have him for one night... lol)

Alright lovelies, I'm all squealed out for now. The sun's radiation poisoning has made me slightly ill. Have fun sweethearts!
And kisses to the lovely Alex!

The Seeker


Michael Chanak Jr said...

You were grand Cody! It was great seeking...ah mean seeing you, Mary Beth, Nate in that booth. How very grand to have JAC, Christina and Blake at the pep rally!

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Ps - it was Michael Hollenbeck first pride - so we had to take "her" right into the belly of the sow. Nate Wessel was a machine working the festival. Jayna - well...Ms. Johnson is grand - I've told her so. I was jealous of Christina Black's aqua A line dress at the pep rally, and Blake Jelley...wonderful.

JAC Stringer at the pep rally...wonderful. (JAC years ago when the earth steamed - Mother died her hair pink for pride...your result was much more pleasing).

This pride really opened up some grand opportunities for some folks to participate....and the Sow is happy. Also, Mary Beth - blessed be our ally - and her friendship.

Michael Chanak Jr said...

And how could I slight Michael Price...the ever talented and lovely man....

For the record, Rusty Lockett has clarified I am Cody Globig's grandmother as Barry Floore is his mother.

The Seeker said...

Aww, much love Grandma (that just doesn't sound right...)

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Perhaps, dearest Cody...we will have to research the seems some have said that I'm much to old to have "had" some of my younger children and I should be called a "grannie." Perhaps, we will reevaluate on my 60th birthday this October...Goddess willing.

Dr. John Maddux, Dr. John Kelly (the grand one) and Rev Joe Poynter (New Spirit MCC) all turn 60 within six months of each other....frightening...