Wednesday, March 18, 2009

$1.2M for Gay Rumor Discrimination

See, LGBT rights protections protect straight people, too.

Out of Seattle:
A Newport Beach police sergeant was awarded $1.2 million on Tuesday after a jury agreed with his claims that he was discriminated against based on false rumors that he was gay.

Sgt. Neil Harvey, a 27-year veteran, alleged in his lawsuit that the city retaliated against him because of the gossip and denied him a lieutenant position despite having more experience and formal education than other candidates. Harvey claimed former Police Chief Bob McDonell never promoted anyone perceived to be gay.

Harvey acknowledged after the jury's decision that he feels some apprehension about returning to work Wednesday after taking three weeks off for the court proceedings.

"I know that I came here and I told the truth," he said. "With that in mind, I return to work."
And can rake you in a cool million!!!!!

The next big push for gay rights: protect us and you'll get a pay out!

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