Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who's afraid of Anita Bryant?

According to, we all should be.

In a slowly unveiling expose, the site is documenting an undercover operation to look at the inner workings of a growing force within the anti-gay voices of the country...

...the resurgence of Anita Bryant.
On that bone-chilling December night in 2008 things had come full circle for Anita Bryant. She was born in Oklahoma 68 years earlier and had since traveled the country and the world as a pop singer, commercial pitchwoman, challenger to the concept that all men are created equal, and a deadbeat fleeing tax collectors and unpaid employees. She did not stand before that window regretting the deaths of her fellow man and the blood that marked her life and made her a pariah, but coldly calculated how she could revive a dead career by reclaiming her throne as homosexuality’s leading nemesis.

Blood on one’s hands is a thing that never completely washes away no matter how much you want it to disappear. Conversations with Bryant would later suggest that she never cared about the blood…only the glory. Her stage presence as a warm, caring, loveable person ends up being just a stage act. The person behind that façade is actually ruthless and cold, but lacking a serious enough degree of intelligence to succeed at her intrigues. What’s left is a broken woman pushing seventy with her beauty queen looks long behind her, who wants one more head liner and vindication for a sacrificed life.

Ironically, Bryant possesses all the criteria that makes for a beloved gay icon: larger-than-life physical features, belting voice, theatricality, show tunes, tacky costumes, man problems, professional ups and downs, unparalleled diva qualities, and sexy gay men high kicking behind her – one could say she’s a draq queen without the kick stand. But she came with hate and bigotry instead of alcohol and amphetamines.

Seriously, folks. It's disturbing to read. You know I'll be watching.

You know, I asked a friend a few weeks ago, "What became of Anita Bryant?" My friend shrugged his shoulder and said, "Probably dead of a drug overdose somewhere -- why does it matter?" Apparently, it does.


Anonymous said...

Anita back as a spokeswoman for the haters? That would be awesome. Seriously, it would be quite helpful. Bring it on.

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Memories....I remember her, how could I forget?

I guess I can thank Anita for my involvement. I was what...27 in 1977? She had started her poison - and I can remember sending a telegram (yes - before the internet) to, I believe, NBC to protest her role in the Orange Bowl Parade.