Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Admin is Pro-Medical Marijuana

Seriously, from the NYTimes:
Attorney General Eric Holder announced last week that the federal government will no longer prosecute dispensers of medical marijuana if they comply with state law. That should bring relief to people who need marijuana for health reasons and free up law enforcement resources for more important work.
I'm just going to say it: it's time to end the unnecessary war on marijuana in this country. Period. Not only does it become taxable, but it uncrowds our jails (reducing expenditures) and allows our law enforcement departments to focus on real crime (thus reducing overall crime rates).

Marijuana is equitable to alcohol in its effects and is less addictive than the liquid. (The link there is older... anyone have more recent research?) In fact, it may be safer. 

And the war on medical marijuana -- come on. 

The least we can do is decriminalize it completely. 

And before you call me a pothead: I actually don't like marijuana -- shockingly, perhaps. Yea, yea, yea, we all "did that" at some point in our lives, but it certainly is not something I enjoy. Paranoia is something that is a daily problem in my mental health as it is -- and I'm fat -- so I need neither the mental side effects or the munchies to enhance anything.

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