Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gay Chicken -- Part Deux

In regards to this post, Clips n Chips -- a blogger I like a lot -- brings up a better point about the "gay chicken" rage sweeping the internet. 

This is his response:
That being said the popular "Gay Chicken" trend that is sweeping the Internet troubles me a little, because I think it implies being gay is weird and bizarre that really undercuts what many of us are trying to do. While like many I appreciate the a good gay joke every now and again, which is why I am only in the 3-6 range as a LGBT Ally when I last did Safe-Zone Training, the idea of daring another guy to see who bails out first as a test of manliness is just irritating....

I'm not too surprised mocking what gay guys do and/or using homosexuality as a form of testing how manly a (straight) a guy is, is not new. Throughout our pop culture history gay characters have been used to display exuberant flamboyance as a juxtaposition to what "normal guys" are supposed to be like. And I think Gay Chicken is an extension of that with a twist. 

First of all the act itself act itself is seen as taboo, and the inherit goal is not to actual kiss (or do other things) to the other guy but rather just last longer. It's essentially a test of Bravado, where "gay acts" are used a proxy. And so the game presents several different messages: (1) homosexuality, or "gay acts", are weird/taboo, (2) only 'real' men can stand the heat and stick through it, and(3) the guy that bails out for is "gay" for not being to handle it. 
I accept that, as well. I mean, I still stand by the gay chicken craze allows some to experiment safely, or express some form of homo-eroticism without being called "gay," but, like girl-on-girl porn, it's mockery.

Seriously, search for gay chicken on YouTube. Lots and lots and lots of videos -- some more homophobic than others -- some more homoerotic than I think they intend to be.

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J. Clarence said...

I would just say this, because I don't want to risk coming across as a self-righteous prude, I appreciate when attractive guys make out as much as possible.

I just think if they are trying to "get away" with making out with a guy--which is very likely--I feel they should go about it differently, because they indirectly are making fun of gay people, and perpetuating the very system and ideology that forces them to rely on such schemes to experiment in the first place.

That being said, gay people love this stuff. The "gay chicken" video on Xtube is like of the most watched videos--not that I frequent the site or anything.

I think the "Straight Frat Guy" making out with another "Straight Frat Guy" is our version of two girls making out. It makes no logically sense, but some how we can't get enough of it.