Sunday, March 22, 2009

How good can rise from bad

(From CNN.)

Obama's joke was insensitive and wrong. Duh.

But the Special Olympics are handling it masterfully and turning it into an opportunity to start a public conversation on the way we deal with handicap in this country.

And I'm happy with that conversation finally happening.

The Special Olympics has launched a website known as the to spread awareness about this very issue. Chec it out!

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J. Clarence said...

Bravo for them. I think that is great campaign strategy to raise awareness, because it's so true. And I fully admit sometimes I have slipped and used the R-word too, knowing full well that it would not cause as much controversy as it would if I said "Sp*c" or something (though I have one hell of a potty-mouth, so I'm not too surprised that my friends have just become jaded to it).

I really need to take a sensitive course, but in the meantime I will certainly try to be better and be more mindful of what I say. After all, "a sin repeated, is a sin permitted."