Thursday, March 12, 2009

WEARING WHAT WEDNESDAY: Sheckler and Skateboarders

WWW this week is inspired by @Dr_Jared's love for Bill Danforth, whom I have to admit is great looking guy...

Then I thought, "Let's do skateboarders!" The next suggestion was this cutie, Aaron Suski:

"More!" I begged, so he said, "Well, Scott Kane is kinda cute!" Though cute we started running out of shirtless pics at this point...

In fact, it was hard to find a great picture at all. Then, I remembered my favorite of all -- Ryan from Life of Ryan -- he's one of those countdown boys ... the ones who eagerly wait to turn 18 so you don't feel guilty anymore. Yea, so here you go:

And this little bit that was too large to post.

I really hope he's old enough in all those photos.

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