Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GAY STUFF/PROTEST!!! Protest UC Hate Crime Tomorrow!!!

(Thanks to Ethan Philbrick, the organizer of the Cincinnati Queer Guerrilla Bar for this information)

Note: Impact Cincinnati did not organize this event, we are assisting in the promotion of it.

As many of you may know, there was a serious hate crime against fellow queers near UC's campus the night of March 6th. Tomorrow, queer, straight, whatever; come support equality by speaking out against this hateful crime that has occurred.

There will be a demonstration TOMORROW (Thursday, the 19th) starting at 5:30 pm at the corner of CLIFTON and CALHOUN. We will congregate at the UC Law School side of the street and then walk as a group down to the corner of MLK and CLIFTON.

Bring a hand made sign that states your identity-- "I am Gay" or "I am a Lesbian" or "I am Queer" or "I am Trans" or "I am an Ally". Be proud! There will also be a big communal sign that states the reason for the demonstration.

Cancel whatever you had planned, make a sign, get all your friends to come to the corner of CLIFTON and CALHOUN at 5:30 tomorrow evening! This is important, stand up for our community, and make our voices heard!

if you haven't heard details of the hate crime, please read below:

To: UC Community
From: Karen Patterson
UC Police Department
Cincinnati Police have reported two felonious assaults that occurred on March 6, 2009 at 4:20am in the 2500 block of Clifton Avenue.
The victims were walking home when one of the victims stopped to talk to the suspects, who were friends from high school. Upon hearing that the other victim was a homosexual, the suspects became aggressive and attacked both individuals.
The victims were able to provide the police with the names of several of the suspects in the case. All three suspects were white males with two being described as 18 to 20 years old, 5'10", between 150 and 160 lbs, with brown hair and green eyes.
Karen K. Patterson MEd
University of Cincinnati Police Department
51 West Corry ML# 0215
Cincinnati, OH 45221
Office phone: (513)-556-4906
Email address:

Much love to you all!!!


Montgomery Maxton said...

My 1st rally in the Queen City.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of the rally? Is it that Cincinnati should have a hate crime law? Or just to draw attention to the issue?
I've read all I can find about this, but I'm confused. I understand people being upset, certainly. It's terrible. But are we trying to make something better in a tangible way? We should.

Jere Keys said...

Kate - drawing attention to a bias motivated crime against the LGBT community that has been ignored by the local press IS a way of trying to make something better in a tangible way. Ohio lacks a statewide hate crime law that includes sexual orientation and gender identity, so we might as well draw attention to that.

Barry Floore said...

I spoke to Kate -- she, btw, is hugely and wonderfully supportive of all things queer. Please don't yell at her... we chatted about the reason for protests and why this protest and why now. I think she gets it :-).

Seriously, Kate's an old friend and one of the most reasonable people in the city. To all the wonderful people who speak on my blog ... don't yell at her.

(Jere -- I'm not saying you yelled, but you know...)

Jere Keys said...

Yeah, I really wasn't yelling - hope it didn't come across as such.