Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WEARING WHAT WEDNESDAY: Paul Donahue and Kenny Jordan (NSFW?)

On the back (haha) of the recent coverage of Paul Donahue's return to premiere status as one of the best collegiate wrestlers in the country (after being kicked of the U. Nebraska team for posing nude for a gay website), I thought it's be nice to look back and see what the big hubbub was all about for our two naked muscle boys.

Would I pay to see those pictures? Nah. I get them for free after the huge, national hubbub about hot guys posing nude, and then they're all over the web regardless!!!!

And now I brought them to you :-).

I think Paul -- the one at the very top and the one whose butt-shot I had to cut because it was TOO NSFW -- is the cuter of the two.

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