Thursday, March 12, 2009

Butler County Children's Services Director Resigns!!!

Thanks to Stuff Queer People Need to Know for the heads up on this...

Michael Fox, the Director of Butler County Children's Services, who passed a rule in the agency to give preference to married straight couples (over unmarried and gay couples) in December. The Cincinnati Enquirer posted his entire letter which has absolutely nothing juicy and nothing of import to say about the issue, but it's fun to laugh in consideration:
During my tenure I did my best to improve the child welfare system in our county and I know that we were able to make many important improvements. To those of you who were so helpful and committed to the changes I worked to bring to our agency I thank you so much. To those of you who resisted the reforms I championed I can only say that all theories and philosophies must stand the test of reality and time. I believe “reality and time” will eventually clearly demonstrate the value of the ideas I have aggressively promoted.

As I leave I know with certainty that I made a positive difference for our children and families. I could not have done any of these things without the hard work of our dedicated staff. I have tremendous respect for those who work in child welfare. Your jobs are among the most difficult of any in public service.

Together, we made many positive changes that are important to children and families we serve. I hope that you will resist efforts to go back to the "old" ways of doing business. The temptation to do so will begin immediately. I encourage you to continue to move down the path we have begun to travel--- having an agency that is more open, accountable, and effective in meeting the needs of children.
I was going to do this whole thing where I made fun of him the whole time, except, if you do some research, Mr. Fox did a pretty decent job, even if he embedded discrimination into the rules of the organization (and he is the target of an FBI investigation).

It is unclear why he is resigning; I like to think that the growing media issue over the rule had a part of it. But we can never be sure.

Anyways, so I think the path is clear now: we need to put some pressure on the Butler County Commissioners to appoint someone who will repeal the awful, awful rule and bring greater equality, yes? Let's get something moving on this, yes?

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