Saturday, March 14, 2009

Non-Review of BENT

This is a non-review because I actually haven't seen the play yet. But, New Stage Collective has opened their much anticipated (for me) play, BENT, about gays in the holocaust:
NSC is honored to present Cincinnati’s first professional production of Martin Sherman’s landmark 1979 drama, Bent. This provocative story follows one man’s journey from the hedonistic cabarets and clubs of 1930’s Berlin to the inhuman excess of an oppressive regime. When Max falls in love with a fellow prisoner he discovers the true meaning of love and self-acceptance against impossible odds. Bent has touched a universal nerve in over 50 countries and over 21 languages, addressing current issues of identity and humanity in the world we live in with passion and humor. Directed by Alan Patrick Kenny.

“A shattering play of intense action, written in the language of the holocaust. One of the most important political and cultural events of the last few years.”

-Christopher St. Magazine

“Martin Sherman’s Bent is relevant to events and facts today of life throughout the world where gay people are often put at a disadvantage by the laws of whatever country they happen to live in. Although things are improving, I think it’s because of this story that Martin Sherman has told so strongly presenting the case for human understanding and what it is to be gay.”

-original Bent star Sir Ian McKellen
I think you should go. You can find out information here. I will probably have a real review by next week.

But reason number one you should go: a really, really hot troupe of male actors. Reason number two you should go: it's a love story (awwww...). Reason number three you should go: male nudity and "adult themes."

Other than that it's a little depressing, I think that just convinced you to go, yea?

PS If you've seen it, email me -- -- with your review and I'll post it!

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