Sunday, March 15, 2009

An open note to Rihanna

If you get back with him, sweetheart, you will be setting the worst example for women and girls everywhere... that this is somehow OK.

Moreso, you'll just be proving your own weakness.


Anonymous said...

While you have the best of intentions when you say this, should we really be telling people how to live their lives? Whom they can be with? We ought be super sensitive to that one. Is there no such thing as forgiveness and redemption anymore?

We really do not know the whole story, and the bottom line is that none of us owe our lives to anyone else, and she has the right to make her own choices as she makes her way in a difficult world. If she chooses to forgive and give him another chance, that does not make her just another dumb bimbo. Again, we don't know the whole story.

Anonymous said...

I don't look to my CD collection for role models. If 1980's Erasure wants to have a risky sex life or 70's David Bowie wants to do lines of coke, that's their lookout. If they can still make it to the studio and produce good music, that's good enough.

That said, Rihanna's actions have spoiled her music for me. Maybe it's because while Erasure never explicitly wrote about sex, Rihanna has songs about domestic violence. I mean, "Breakin' Dishes"? It used to be a fun party song about letting loose, but now it just bears too close a resemblence to the the transcript of how she egged on Chris Brown before he snapped. You can see it in other songs too, like "Rehab."

Rihanna now sings like someone who should be on the Jerry Springer show, not the Grammys.

Even when Britney Spears went ape a couple years ago, you got the sense that she could escape through her music. But Rihanna can't even do that.