Saturday, March 14, 2009

Question for Friday: Social Diseases

YEA! QUESTION FOR FRIDAY IS BACK! Well, sort of, I'm almost 24 hours late, but I promise he was totally worth the delay.

This week's question:
If you got a curable STD from a trick/sex partner, and you knew that both you and they had been to the doc and had it "dealt with," is it ok to sleep with them again?
I'll say this: I thought I was going to LOL a lot more than I did. Two central themes: 1) NO, and 2) did he cheat on me? That's no fun. This is a serious concern, folks. Well, not for me, for a "friend."
  • Wow. I think that would be a "no" for me. -- from EdroEdro, via the blog
  • It would have to be with Shane from The L Word, otherwise, no dice. -- from Jamie at Stuff Queer People Need to Know, via the blog
  • Would it make me a special kind of slut if I said "yes", or just the regular kind? -- from Jeffery D., via the blog
  • sure, why not, it's only my uterus...who needs that...j/k -- from Ansley G., via Facebook
  • Ewww, heck no -- from Eva B., via Facebook
  • Umm. Hell no. -- from Brian B., via Facebook
  • only if they apologized and they REALLY meant it... or else to give them a different STD from the arsenal -- from Christopher P., via Facebook (what other STD's do you have in your "arsenal," Christopher???)
  • No, I think that would kind of bring the romance to a full stop. -- from Brian R., via Facebook
  • Which std? -- Amy C. from AmyInOhio, via Facebook (I said it was curable, does it matter from there?)
  • Did 'he' know 'he' had it, before giving it to me? Did 'he' get it from cheating on me? -- from Evan of, via Twitter
  • did you have to blow him? -- also from Evan of, via Twitter
  • relationship or just one-night stand? -- from Jared of Jared's Rainbow Blog (whatever, super gay blog name :-)), via Twitter
  • I think it would depend on if they cheated. I'm not cool w/ cheaters, disease or not. -- from DumbWhore, via Twitter
I mean, those were some serious answers. My answer in 140 characters or less: Yes. I'm not one to judge, we all fuck up. 

I got no worries if you had an STD that you gave to me -- especially if it's curable and we dealt with that. Hell, even if it's incurable, that's ok too right?


Ha. The person who proposed this question gave me this real conversation that sparked this question:
Ring, ring.
STD Guy (S): "Hey."
Friend (F): "Hey."
S: "What's up?"
F: "I think you should get yourself checked out."
S: "For what?"
F: "I'm dripping." 
S: "Oh."
S: "So, you wanna fuck around once I get it done?"
F: "Sure."
I love my slutty, slutty friends.


Montgomery Maxton said...

Only if his dick was as fun and animated as that condom cartoon you have for this post.

EMullins said...

You're not joking about that phone convo, are you?

Lord, lord...