Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Equality Omnibus

The next great move in LGBT Equality is the idea of an Omnibus bill -- that is, putting through all the rights at once rather than piecemealing it one by one. eQualityGiving identifies twelve key areas in which rights are different and/or are differentiated by state/region/municipality:
Public accommodation
Public facilities
Federally funded programs and activities
Civil marriage
Hate crimes
Armed forces
I mean, I would add, also, insurance coverage (including sex reassignment surgery).

They have a full discussion of the proposal here (PDF).

Just one of the better ideas out there, right now.

Thanks to National Equality Tax Revolution, who summed it up nicely: "Best Idea Yet."

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Jere Keys said...

The criticism, of course, is that this omnibus bill gets branded as the new "gay agenda" and anything on this list now becomes part of the larger goal to get married, recruit the kiddies, and destroy civilization with out dinosaur-riding-nazi apocalypse.