Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blogroll Additions: Two Local Queers!

What a weekend, but we'll go over that later!

In the meantime, I am so happy to put a bit out there about Cincinnati's two newest additions to the queer blogging community -- seriously, folks, if any more pop up, I may just scream. Cincinnati has an amazing and burgeoning blogger scene, and I am always happy to give a tip of my hat to new ones! If you have a local blog, or if you're a QueerOhio blogger... give me a shout out via email ( and I'll be sure to blogroll you too!!!

First, we have my not-husband, JAC, over at Midwest GenderQueer. If there's anything in town that fucks with gender, you can be sure JAC is attached to it. He's a also a smoking hot self-identified "femme boy." You may know him from such amazing projects as the Black Mondays, GenderBloc (at UC) and the GenderQueer Coaltion. An excerpt from his latest blog:

What makes a faggot a faggot? My friend is a girl but looks like a boy. I’m a boy who looks like a girl. If faggot is intended to mean homosexual, if only I could tell shouters just how accurate they are. I’m a guy who looks like girl who looks like a guy, who was born a girl, who fucks girls and boys and boys who were girls, and girls who were boys, and people who were never one or the other or anything at all… Is it hypocritical of me to argue or get upset? In my own, closed circles I call myself a fag, a tranniboy, and queer - all controversial words considered to be hate speech. Is our pain caused by the words or the malicious intention. Which is the one we need to remove? Does language have the power, or do we?
Secondly, we have Ryan M., blogging over at Slouching Towards Manhattan. He's a native Cincinnatian who lives in New York but writes about CinNKY and the issues involved with being queer in the Midwest. He is also the author of the Soapbox Media article -- Queen City: musings on gay cincinnati -- a few months ago discussing where we are headed as a gay community. Good guy, identifies as an independent journalist. He posted a great bit entitled "21 Ways the Midwest and Manhattan Differ," and this is my favorite one:

17: New Yorkers largely consider Midwesterners to be paunchy, hunch-backed , snaggle-toothed yokels with little education, culture and upbringing. The Midwest largely considers New Yorkers to be a phalanx of debauched, gaunt and unreasonably confident gaggle of Midwestern transplants that use the the status of living on or near Manhattan to justify their existence. Both parties are half right.
:-) Now, go, read, enjoy! Comment away}!


The Seeker said...

haha, good stuff! Love JAC!!!

Midwest GenderQueer said...

ah shucks. :)