Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soapbox Article and Ten on Tuesday

It's been a great day for the blogosphere, IMHO, despite the awful news out of California. I wanted to highlight a few things that popped up.

Ryan McLendon of Slouching Towards Manhattan posted his newest in a series of articles over at Soapbox Media about the state of queer-ness in Cincinnati. This time around, he writes about one of my favorite events: Guerrilla Queer Bar. From the article:
Reactions to the first Friday events have been mixed but very positive from both the straight and gay communities. Bar owners welcome the addition of 150-200 thirsty patrons they normally would not have through their doors and many straight patrons are even unaware that anything is different. More than an "invasion," the events more than anything else become a "blending" of both straight and gay.

[CGQB Organizer, Ethan] Philbrick recalls a particularly valuable discussion on queer identity in the ladies’ room of the Lodge. According to Philbrick, by the end of the conversation the women he was speaking to him felt comfortable enough to ask a few questions proving that exposure to different ideas and people can breed understanding. This accomplished all while wearing a sequined cocktail dress, no less...

Movements such as the Guerilla Queer Bar help to bring the idea of "other" into the familiar. This exposure to the outside world - straight, gay and everything in between—provides the tools needed to erase the stigmas and bigotry that holds progress back.
Also, QueerCincinnati.com's first weekly TEN ON TUESDAY had a great response today, appearing twice on this blog -- once from me and once from Cody -- and on three other blogs as well! Thanks to the following blogs for their participation and some amazing responses:

1. Girlfriends - Shocking, I know. But I really do find happiness in the female friendships that bless my life. They make life more memorable and fun. And girlfriends make us healthier, less stressed, live longer, feel more beautiful and … drum roll please … HAPPIER. Thanks to all the great women who have inspired, encouraged and supported me in my dream of making the world a better place one friendship at a time.
Stuff Queer People Need to Know:
4.) Vegetable skewers straight off the grill
Big Lug Land:
7) Getting flirted with. It's immensely validating as I still carry around all the insecurities that were cemented into place over 20 years ago. Being found cute or charming goes right to my head like bubbles in champagne. What others take in stride can have me feeling like the most valued man on earth. That keeps my heart open and, much as it hurts, I'm not sure I'd ever want to change it.
Great posts everyone -- thanks so much! I loved reading over your responses; I couldn't help but smile for each and every one!!! Watch for next week's TEN ON TUESDAY!

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