Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Harvey Milk Day!

Today would be Harvey Milk Day in California -- the anniversary of the politician's birthday, and just days after the anniversary of the White Night Riots -- however, Gov. Schwarzenegger did not sign the bill this year. The Senate, again, has passed a bill designating May 22 as a day of "special significance" for Milk, and it is currently in the Assembly.

Equality California seems to believe that it will pass somewhat easily, as the focus of their site is on contacting the Governator and encouraging him to support the day.

Regardless, Happy Harvey Milk Day!
In sort of related news, check the news coming from the ACLU where a sixth grader in California was censored by not allowing to present her report on Harvey Milk without permission from all of her class mates. Apparently, talking about historically important gay figures is somehow equivalent to sex education. The school sent letters home to all the parents in the class informing them that if they gave their child permission to hear the presentation, it would be held during lunch hour. The sixth grader who made the presentation received a 49 out of 50 points on the written report.

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Juliet said...

I think its great that there is a day to remember Harvey Milk. Of course I think it should be a national holiday! Maybe someday...