Saturday, May 30, 2009

FLASH ACTION: Tabby's American Grill

Apparently, it is time to protest. 

In response to the hate crime at Tabby's American Grill, a group of activists is going there to show solidarity with queers in Warren County. We're standing up for and with our brothers and sisters. 

Tonight, at Tabby's American Grill at 2920 West U.S. Route 22, in Maineville (click here for a map), LGBTQ people will gather at 10p.m. wearing white to show that they come in peace.

The crowd will meet in the parking lot and they will enter collectively. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend, but I encourage everyone else to... and, more importantly, take pictures and send them back to so that we can feature the outcome here.

Just a few words:
  • Be safe.
  • Don't fight, don't take people on.
  • Be peaceful and be loving. This is about education and solidarity, not violence, not hate. We are not fighting hate with hate. We are fighting hate with love and affection.
  • Stand together... don't go out on your own. Find a buddy and stick to them. 
  • Do not do not do not yell, scream, holler, or swear at people. You do not, under any circumstances, want to incite violence from other people. That is not the point.
  • Respect law enforcement officers.
  • Take the high road ... be civil.
Seriously, folks, I don't want have to be writing about no other hate crimes in the morning. We are peaceful people -- always remember that. 

More importantly: be good customers. Drink, have fun, tip your bartenders, talk, carouse, and have a good time. Make sure that no one has any reason to treat you poorly; make sure no one has any reason to kick you out. Just go and enjoy the night with friends.

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Juliet said...

Everyone needs to "come out" for this tonight. I'll see you there.