Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Good and the Bad

I've been working for 24 hours, many apologies for not updating.

On the one hand, we have the very very good: 

The Nevada Senate has overridden Gov. Gibbon's veto 14-7 (exactly 2/3) of the state's domestic partner law. The bill now returns to the House to be voted on again. Hopes are high, lets hope the votes are, as well. Gov. Gibbons and others feel that, since you can get a lot of the same rights through private contracts, a DP law is unnecessary. In short: we're desperate for a reason that doesn't make us look like homophobic bigots and this the best we can come up with.

And then we have the very very bad:

Doctor George Tiller, a women's health physician in Wichita, Kansas who performed
abortions, was shot and killed this morning at his church while he was serving as usher. Tiller is no newbie to violence against abortion providers, having survived another shooting in 1993 and a bombing of his clinic in 1985. You know, it's funny because I don't think we've heard about this kind of out-and-out violence for a long time ... and it's also funny because I distinctly remember that Kansas was the closest place you could go for a late-term abortion when I worked at Planned Parenthood. Strange and disturbing.

I suppose assailants justify it by saying that they kill one, whilst the good Doc has "killed" so many. To quote Cider House Rules: "We deliver the mother or the child." 

Oh, and thanks to Timmy for this: this is the sixth anniversary of Eric Rudolph, who performed the Atlanta Olympic bombing as well as the bombings of several abortion clinics and bars throughout the late 1990s. Weird.

Anyways, thanks to JereKeys for reminding me to post these today.

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