Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From Cybil Shepard

Cybil Shepard, in all her fabulousness, will probably catch more grief than favor with these statements, but I just wanted to say how fantastic she is. She really has never been one to shy away from being publically honest with how she feels. In this installment, Cybil Shepard lays the passage of Prop8 defintively at the feet of the Mormons and the Catholics, saying: "Most of the money came from Utah, it’s very unfortunate."

She goes on:

He [Martin Luther King, Jr.] was killed in my hometown of Memphis, three and a half miles from my high school and I’m a product of the segregated south and I got to see that hatred up close, live that hatred, colored only, whites only, and when he was killed I was stricken with guilt and shame. I felt as though I hadn't done enough to help the civil rights cause and as I gradually began to understand, what is the most recent excuse to deny people rights under the law? To treat them as less than human and once you get that kind of right thinking you realize how important it is to stand up for the gay and lesbian kids who are at greater risk because they don't have community support and sometimes their parents kick them out. Particularly in L.A we have more runaways then anywhere in the world...

I’m a Christian Pagan Buddhist Goddess worshiper, but I’m also a feminist. I think the ultimate glass ceiling is God, in another words, if we think God is a man, then we make man a God, and I studied and learned that there is a whole other history of the worshiping of the great mother. I really think that probably God is a woman, that helped me to break through that celestial glass ceiling.
I love you, Cybil, but I think you lost even me on that last bit there.

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