Friday, May 22, 2009

RUMOR MILL REPORT: Penny Tration Leaving Adonis

You read that right, my darlings.

I have it on good authority (very good authority) that Miss Penny Tration, also a contributor to this blog, will be leaving Adonis as show director and Monica St. James will be taking over in the future.

I'm pretty sure that Penny was a major component is the success of Adonis. I remember when the club opened (under the management of a former Carol's Manager, then a former Dock manager, then...) and Jessica Dimon was director. That separation ended very poorly -- the fact that the next director was named "Penny" was amusing. I think Miss Tration brought a certain class and respectability to the club that we were all sure no one would go to based on sheer geography. I know there have been many times I would travel to Adonis just to see her. 

Word is that she will have a few more shows as director, host Pride, and then she will no longer be the mainstay at Adonis that she always has been. :-( It's very sad for all of us, but word is that the break is peaceable and good feelings are had by all involved.... so maybe we'll see her back for a few guest shows? And, of course, I know I look forward to seeing her around town in her many, many, many endeavors.

Darling Penny, you will be missed; I hope you know how much we all love you. For all of you fabulous folks who read my blog, please take a moment and leave a little message in the comments telling her how much you love her... tell us a story of how you came to see her for the first time, why you love her shows, etc. etc. etc. 

On a related note, make sure you check out Penny Tration's "Private" Party tonight at Annie's, right down the street from Adonis. I can't say this enough OPEN BAR FROM 10pm-11pm. That should be enough to get the gays in the door. I know it's enough for me!

UPDATE: CONFIRMED! That didn't take long. Monica St. James, on my facebook announcement about this, had this to say: "As sad as it is , we will miss her. I am now the new show dirrector and MC I hope you all still come and have a wonderful time as always." *Sniff*Sniff* Monica, darling, you have huge shoes to fill, but I've seen your heels... and they terrify me. I have no doubt you'll do fabulously. Good luck, goddess bless, and don't forget the extra eyelash glue.


Anonymous said...

well i know for a fact that the owners will not give a decent show budget for the shows at adonis and complain with they have a booger show!! what do you expect?? you get what you pay for right?? your business will fall off hugely under the reign of miss thang, we all know she has a taste for the fun and it will destroy the shows if her appearence is anything like usual!!

good luck to mans trash is another mans treasure!!!

Juliet said...

Adonis won't be Adonis without Penny!!!! I got my first kiss from a Queen from you (sniff sniff)

Maybe this is meant to happen to help pave your way to RuPauls show! :-)



Anonymous said...

Just as it is ANONYMOUS!!! Those who hide behing closed doors words mean nothing to me. Trust and beleive me I have more qualifications than any queen in this CITY!!! If you know me so well then make sure you say hello and introduce yourself...Or just keep your neagative thoughts to yourself...Besides I sure you have never worked for the oweners.

Monica Stjames

Sarah Torrens said...

Hey Penny.

My friends and I started coming to Adonis pretty much straight out of high school. We'd never been to a club, let alone a gay club. I remember we walked in, and there was an awesome dance floor with strobe lights and loud, upbeat music... but there was only a leathered up cowboy dancing on the middle podium-no one else.

We all wondered if our first club was going to be a bust, and then we saw some people walking back to what looked like a hidden door in a dark corner. We stepped through it and BAM! Not only were there tons of people there, but they all seemed to be laughing and watching something.

I weaseled my way to the front, and saw the tallest, most heavily sequined and made up woman I'd ever encountered. She was the source of the entertainment. And then I realized, I wasn't looking at a woman but a woman impersonator. I was witnessing my very first drag show. It was everything I'd ever imagined it would be. A little classy, a little raunchy, a lot of ballads, a lot of makeup and hair pieces, a lot of singles being exchanged, and a lot of fun! :)

Thanks for entertaining me ever since and making my first drag show so memorable. You loosened the mood and made everyone more susceptible to have fun. It's not going to be the same without you Penny.

Oh yeah, and another memory I was told with a smile by my girlfriend. She is forever traumatized because one night she and her friends were standing near the front and she was targeted by you, lol. You good naturedly made fun of her, and she now REFUSES to stand near the front of the crowd.

Terry said...

"Trust and beleive me I have more qualifications than any queen in this CITY!!!" - Monica Stjames

WOW.. I don't live in "this CITY" but really??? Sounds like the natives of "this CITY" are restless.

Unknown said...

You should really get your facts straight before you post a store like this one! The joke is on you Penny is still performing here and is here this weekend! What a joke... do you work for the Dock?

Adam Sublett
Owner Adonis the nightclub

Unknown said...

You should really get your facts straight before you post a store like this one! The joke is on you Penny is still performing here and is here this weekend! What a joke... do you work for the Dock?

Adam Sublett
Owner Adonis the nightclub

Anonymous said...

Yes Terry I DO!!! You can only restless when you sit in the house and do nothing!! It is awful when people attack for no reason. Goodluck to all, see you around. If this what happens when a change come? Just be happy we have a place to go and be ourselves... for godssake!!! Yall get a life!!

MOnica Stjames

The Seeker said...

Well, after what Adam said I'm quite confused... That's all I'll say for the time being...
Much love to Penny and Monica!

and for the record, none of us-to my current knowledge-work for The Dock...

Tony Cody said...

ahhh...the rumor mill reports (wink)..I've missed them...

Thanks for the kinds words and all the emails of support. Here's the truth as i know it.

Truth #1 - I am no longer the show director at Adonis - No Drama - No fighting....just a little change in direction for me

Truth #2 - Monica is the Show Director at Adonis and we should be celebrating. It's a tough job - Booking drag queens is like herding cats!

Truth #3 - I am working at Adonis on May 23rd (tomorrow night) and June 13th (for Pride).

Truth #4 - Monica and I will work out a schedule for me to appear there as a guest. Again, she's the Show Director and Emcee....lets celebrate with her.

Truth #5 - I don't think I'm allowed work at the dock (wink) - Maybe that's not really a truth...but I think it's a pretty good guess (smile) LOL

thanks again for all the kind words of support.

smooches - pt

Unknown said...

Well this is typical for gays in cincinnati they always have a lot of negativity and not enough productivity. Im sure Penny will be missed at Adonis but I know Monica is just as good as an entertainer. everyone is scared of change and doesnt accept it well. If everyone focused their energy on bettering themselves as they did in basshing other people then there would be less issues in the gay community. Everyone please get along!!!! Good luck penny and monica!!!!

The Seeker said...

Well, I can't wait to see Penny in whatever she may do, and Monica at Adonis!

J.C. said...

WELL, I know and love Penny and Monica! They have and will continue to work/entertain together, no matter what club it may be in. There's not only a great dynamic, but a deep rooted friendship between them!!! NOBODY WILL OR SHOULD TRY TO STIFLE THAT , TRUST ! ADONIS is a gracious venue that welcomes us as guests and our favorite showgirls, I hope that we can all do the same! Just remember that it's all in good fun, not games! I ask everyone to see that SLANDER IS NOT A PRETTY COLOR ON ANYONE !!! Thanks for reading, if need be, I'll be back real soon...

Anonymous said...

its not slander when its true. monica is a sniff whore like non other, you all know it and just look the other way, the shows will not be the same without penny, happy for her with whatever she does!

obviously the money issue is true, you notice your "owner" didnt deny that! if you dont pay decent money then you wont get decent entertainers, again your loss is our gain!

penny is one tough act to follow, monica knows that and is running her mouth behind EVERYONES back! watch out baby the same people you pass on the way up are the ones you will pass on the way back down...oh yea, you are already much further can you get under a snakes belly?

its not if i work at the dock or annies or anywhere else that is the concern here. it is if you do the right thing and treat penny with respect, she is the ONLY reason you have a saturday night show!! monica will do what she always does and f*ck this up like everything else!

Anonymous said...

Well you all are blind if you can't see what is going on here. I would be very upset to loose my star emcee if i were these guys!! Replacing her with Monica is a joke, we all know it! As the other poster said, Give her enough time and she will mess this up like she does everything else!

Pay your queens good money and they will stay! Pay your queens good money and they won't look for other venues to work! Pay your queens good money and you won't have a rotted booger show!!

Adonis is quickly going down hill...No matter how much money you make if you don't put some back into your business then you will loose it I am sure! What are they doing with all that money they make at the door on Saturday nights?

A PENNY FAN said...


Anonymous said...

Monica will not do well in this position. I have worked with her in many other venues here in town and she just can't seem to keep it together. I hope everyone involved puts a stop to this train wreck as soon as possible and begs Penny to stay. I enjoy working with all of the girls but for those of us in the know....we all know what is going on behind closed doors! Good luck girl in all you do. I will see you at Annies in just a few short minutes

monicasdealer said...

now miss monica, i like you all and stuff girl but you leading a cast of girls and being a show director is like giving a drug addict some coke, it aint gonna work. WAIT THAT IS THE SAME THING LOL!

J.C. said...

I am 29 soon to be 30, and in all my years i've never seen a more ridiculous display of bigotry. It's a shame on our entire gay community. Especially when "anonymous" is compelled to talk the talk but not type the name! Grow up or atleast grow some nuts! Nobody gives a shit what you say, since we don't know who the hell is saying "it" !!! Everyone deserves a chance, if you disagree, then don't come to be a part of it! Someone elses fat ass will fill the seat, TRUST !

Jazmine said...

Wow, this is a juicy thread.

I LOVE YOU PENNY. Wish I could be there to see you!!

The rest of y'all simma down.

david said...

wow everyone even the owners act like they don't know what is going on right under their noses *wink, wink!!

monica is no penny! she will not last long doing a job like this, the fist time she shorts someone in the know they will call it all out, her business will be on the street, even more then it is now!

hey owners do yourselves a favor and start random drug testing for your employees, lets see how long she lasts

topher42 said...

belhelmel - your post made my day because it created a public drama that didn't involve a decision i made.

sorry if it's bothered you, but it's good reading for me.

after being yelled at for 14 hours by people who don't understand why they can't wear shorts to's good to know people still get their panties in a wad in the blogosphere. and anonymously no less!