Thursday, May 28, 2009

P&G: How to Shave Your Genitalia

Thanks to the CincyNation, via AdFreak on this one...

Gillette, a division of P&G, has released a series of YouTube videos depicting how to, well, shave. One of them has caught the interest of a lot of watchers... specifically, how to shave around male genitalia. First of all, WTF? It's too funny to watch. Second of all, totally worth it for all you boys out there. There are some great tips in the little video above.

And, seriously, a company putting out that if you trim the underbrush, the tree looks bigger -- simply priceless.

The videos are also posted on

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Dawn Messerly said...

OMG that's priceless. Thanks for sharing that link! I wonder how many takes it took the narrator to do that with a straight face.