Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Equal Housing and Employment Act

StuffQueerPeopleNeedtoKnow by local fabulous Jamie Royce is reporting that the testimony in the House Committee on State Government will be hearing testimony from the two sponsors -- Rep. McGregor (R) and Rep. Stewart (D) -- on Wednesday. From SQPNtK:
Hearings on the Equal Housing and Employment Act in the Ohio House will begin on Wednesday, May 27. Representatives Stewart and McGregor will be the only people testifying on this day. Proponent testimony will begin on Wednesday, June 3 and will likely last for two weeks. As of now there are 40 secured yes votes and 22 possible yes votes, but the bill needs 50 to pass.
As of yet, the information is not confirmed on the website of the bill, and I have not received an email with this information (so I can't confirm it). I'm putting an email into Equality Ohio for the 411. For more information on the current members of the State Government Committee, click here.

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