Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ten on Tuesday! (On Happiness)

Welcome to QueerCincinnati.com's newest feature -- Ten on Tuesday -- to join our current "WEARING WHAT WEDNESDAY" (which may be expanding, thanks to Juliet) and "STUPID JOKE SATURDAY"! Every week, I (and maybe other contributors to this blog -- maybe? please? -- and maybe other bloggers -- maybe? please?) will creat of ten things of whatever! We'll have a theme every week! This is your opportunity to join in a mini-carnival! If you post something on your blog, put a link in the comments or email me (queercincinnati@gmail.com), or, if you'd like to play along and aren't a blogger, just put your ten in the comment section! I'll cross link any other post I find!

I invite all of you to join in!

This week: Ten Things That Make Me Happy
1) Discovering your coffee card is full and you can get a free coffee at work -- especially when you're short on cash and need a pack of cigarettes!

2) Cool mornings after the rain when nothing is soaked but there's a hint of more to come. Humidity's low, no bugs are out, and the sun is hidden behind the clouds and turning the morning a deep weblink blue.

3) The anticipation before something great.

4) Feeling accomplished after two days of regret and wishing you had done more -- getting shit done.

5) Randomly chancing upon new music you forgot you had downloaded onto your iPod while shuffling through -- and remembering how much you love it!

6) Seeing a janitor at the hospital dance to music on his mp3 player in a hallway he believed was empty, and then him not feeling embarassed or stopping when you walk by.

7) The comfort, and the drama, of good friends, especially when you hatch fancy conspiracies.

8) Having a crush, even if it's completely superficial and you know it'll be gone in a week.

9) Standing alone on the glass walkways at UC's Medical School Building at 3am and belting out showtunes... and feeling infinite.

10) Learning and growing... and knowing that I still have the capacity to do both, after all that has happened. (This is kind of a private shout out -- I know you know who you are!)

What are ten things that make you happy?

Ha -- Apparently I really enjoy alliteration.


Debba said...

Thanks for this great exercise! Here's my
Top TenThanks Barry!


Michi said...

all my love beautiful -- i need to hear your voice soon.

please tell me we can skype date soon.