Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thsi will be the second man named Jensen for Wearing What Wednesday. Just trivia. Noah's Ark was a sad excuse at a dramedy -- it was poorly written and poorly acted -- but I own it :-), and I'm endeared to it (at least the first season). I've not watched Dante's Cove. And it's not just because Mr. Atwood is a gorgeous example of man-hood.

And don't think I wouldn't leave you without a great website to check-out this week to -- ahem -- check out more boys to drool over. (Somedays, I wonder if Wearing What Wednesday is undermining my credibility -- then I don't care.) Meet5-Star Men, which serves no purpose and has no other reason to exist except to do near-daily beautiful men spreads. From their spread on Edilson Nascimento (yea, I don't know who he is either):

I should rename this to "unabashedly objectifying men Wednesday."

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Patriiick said...

tão natural os 6 pacs ! Você meu pequeno garouto vai ter muitos problemos com artériopathy e venous. Fala com um médico e mais um psy !