Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lambert on Larry King Live

How does Ryan Seacrest get to interview people on Larry King Live? Anyways, this is my only post on this year's American Idol.
Seacrest: Let me ask you this: The speculation about your sexuality, do you think that had anything to do with coming in second place?

Lambert: No, I think if anything, I think it -- I think my lifestyle is just I'm different. I'm a little bit -- I'm not your typical guy next door. The guy next door versus the guyliner. Sexuality aside, I think it more had to do with maybe my appearance and what songs I gravitated toward and my performance style. I think that had more to do with it.

Seacrest: Kris, when I asked the question, you were nodding your head, why?

Allen: Because I agree with him. It's not about who he is or who I am. It's about -- what we want, we want it to be about the music, you know?
I love how Adam Lambert is still not saying that he's gay or not. I mean, whatever. I kinda think Kris Allen is hot. But isn't "Kris" the female spelling of the name?


Juliet said...

I think its crap. He better not be another Clay Aiken, that drove me nuts. And...I think he DID come in second because of the "rumors" of his sexuality. I mean, Kris works in a church or what does that tell you. American Idol is fixed.

PS. Kris with a K is the German spelling...Kristofer. Think its German.

Quimbob said...

Kris is German or Dutch or something.
kris Kristoferson, Kris kringle....
The Dutch like their k's. they're not too big on y's. That's one of the big reasons they fared so well through the Y to K crisis (krisis ?), they were already half way there.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly thought he was bisexual, he's so eclectic! haha