Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marriage Anniversary

Five years ago, Massachusetts began marrying same-sex folks legally.

One year ago, two days, California began marrying same-sex folks legally. 

In Massachusetts, support for same-sex nuptuals is through the roof, as people found that it's no big deal.

In California, voters overturned the ruling with the now-infamous Proposition 8, and support in that state has stalled to about the same percentages as voted for/against the measure. 

We fight on -- winning in Connecticut, Vermont, Iowa, and Maine... and possibly soon in New York and New Hampshire. We find that, as people marry, the less people care if other people are marrying. 

And so we fight on. California, we'll be back. We'll celebrate, again, and we'll win, again.

Thank you to all who are fighting, will be fighting, and have fought. But we aren't done.

Image from Mother Jones.

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