Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day of Decision Upon Us

The rumors are flying, and it's starting to look like we will the California Supreme Court's decision on Proposition 8 on Thursday, though we won't know for sure until tomorrow. Both Joe.My.God. and Pam's House Blend and reported rumors that barricades are being dropped off in the Castro of San Francisco in expectation of the decision.

... which, IMHO, does not bode well for us.

Keep an eye on the blogosphere tomorrow. The Day of Decision appears to be upon us.

For those with a short memory, Proposition 8 went back to the courts in arguments stating that a public vote cannot take away the civil rights of individuals -- that, since the court decided marriage is a civil right, a referendum cannot deny people civil rights. It would have been like people just deciding one day to vote on the legality of interracial marriage, and then denying that right to people. The court did not seem open to the idea of overturning Proposition 8, however; I remember a quote from that discussion from one of the Justices -- "Yea, but we're working under a new Constitution, now." We are waiting to hear whether Prop8 was a legal referendum or not.

Oh, burn.


Jere Keys said...

Actually, the surprise party in the Castro on May 15 2008 was just as chaotic as the angry protests on November 5. Either way, the police are preparing for a crowd of people with emotions running high.

Juliet said...

I can't stand it...I wanna know now!