Friday, April 17, 2009

Columbus in a National Documentary

Via Stonewall Columbus, via OutinColumbus:

Stonewall Columbus is pleased to announce that Columbus, Ohio is being considered for a possible future CNN documentary on gays in America.

Senior Producer Elise Zeiger contacted Stonewall Columbus Executive Director Karla Rothan this week with the exciting news. "I am honored that CNN is considering Columbus as one of the potential cities to be included in a future presentation", she said. Rothan added, "It would bring tremendous attention to the Midwest and to what I believe is the greatest gay city in America, Columbus, Ohio."

Do you have a story to tell? Are you someone who did what was expected of you? Did you get married to someone of the opposite sex, have children and then come out? Are you the child of a gay parent? Are you now or have you ever been in the military? What has happened to you personally that has changed the course of your life forever? "Are you still in the closet?" "Are you still rejected by a family member for being gay?" Tell us your story.

Stonewall Columbus is partnering with CNN to gather such stories for review. If you have a story to tell, Stonewall wants to hear from you. Please write your story in 100 words or less and send it via email to Executive Director Karla Rothan at If you do not have access to the internet, please mail your story to Stonewall Columbus, P.O. Box 10814, Columbus, Ohio 43201 or drop it off at the Center on High at 1160 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43201. All submissions must be written.
I don't have many Columbus readers, but I figured for the few that are... you might find this useful. Stonewall Columbus is actually a really multifaceted organization -- being one of the lead political organizations in the city (eclipsed, from what I gather, by the presence of Equality Ohio), running the Center, and being one of the primary hosts for Pride every year. I've not had a chance to really learn much about the organization...

...but last time I walked by, a really hot guy was walking out. Which, I think, bodes well for the next time I'm in Cbus.


Montgomery Maxton said...

Stonewall Columbus was great when I lived there. And I agree that it's one of the top gay cities.

Merideth said...

thanks for posting this!!! i hadn't heard about it yet! i will be sure to share it.