Monday, April 20, 2009

Unnecessarily Cute ASL boy

This video made the rounds on the blogosphere a few times since it was posted in December, and I was pretty sure everyone had seen it, but I mentioned it over the BIG GAY WEEKEND, and I found out most of my friends didn't know what I was talking about.

Here it is:

Yes, that is Womanizer in sign language, and done amazingly well.

Anyways, so the boy is cute and I've become kind of addicted to watching his videos on YouTube. He posted his next round a few weeks ago, and it's equally as delicious:

Anyways, thought you'd enjoy.


Kate The Great said...

Oh my gosh - thank you for posting those. A) a brilliant concept and B) That guy is HOT. He could stand in the stairwell for the whole Womanizer video, and I'd be a happy girl :)

stef said...

i'm with kate on this one. i'm going to have to post this on my blog. thank you for making this girl's day. :)