Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Lesbians Have Arrived!

Hello readers!

My name is Juliet and I'll be your lesbian today. I'm a thirty-something, late in life lesbian with commitment issues and a girlfriend of almost one year! Good for me right?

I'd like to thank Barry for the opportunity to be a contributor to this fantastic blog! I too have a blog, for...well...lesbians called Maybe some of you have heard of it? It's been around for almost three years now...but in keep up with my reputation as a commitaphobe, I haven't done much with it lately. So, thank you Barry for your faith in me and helping to overcome the committment issues!

So, you're probably thinking...a lesbian with committment issues? This is not the Twilight Zone and hell hasn't frozen over. This is really not THAT it? Either way, I'm here to give my lesbian two-cents and share with all of you out there who might be or who have experienced the same things as I have. And connect with those who have different opinions tahn I do. I love a little debate every now and then, so bring in on!

I'm pretty much an open book, so no question is off limits for me. Here's a quick breakdown of me and my experiences:

1. Came out of the closet three months before I almost married a man. This was a surprise to most everyone in my life. Lost some friends, but gained even better ones. You know how that goes.

2. My first two girlfriends were transgender. So, I have a soft spot for the transgender movement that is raging on today. If you didn't know...yes, there is a trans-movement too. Pay attention...

3. My biological father was gay. Didn't meet until I was 24 and he died from AIDS two years later. I'm still searching for information about him as I really don't know much about him. This has been a grueling task for me over the years.

4. The most meaningful thing I've done in my life to date, would have to be helping my fellow Impact Cincinnati founders fight for our rights on our first protest that was held on Nov. 15th 2008 against Prop. 8 and where Margaret Cho attended! Margaret and I had matching coats on.

5. I'm what some like to label as "ultra femme". Yes, I like girly things...but I get excited when my straight friends call me to do something that requires tools. Never know what I'm doing, but I have fun trying.

6. I'm in a committed relationship that is also long-distance. Probably better because its kept us from renting the U-Haul. But after a year, the distance is starting to weigh on us. But it must nto be that much because neither of us are willing to move right now. So, the saga continues...

So, that's the quick lowdown of who I am. I hope to hear from all of you who are out there looking for the lesbian point of view. And even if you're just curious about us lesbian folk and have questions, please feel free to ask me anything you want. Like I said, nothing is off limits.

Until we meet again,


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Barry Floore said...

Yea! Welcome, darling!!! Glad to have you aboard!