Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Test, test

And about 12 hours later, my blog-by-phone email worked!
Blogger has a new feature set up where I can text and/or email in a blog post. We will see how successful this is.

I am at the busstop outside of the hospital. It's cold - again. I am waiting for the 24 to take me from University Hospital to Christ for school. At the end of my day, I will wander up Auburn Avenue and catch the 31 to take me home, where I will blog and then sleep. Upon waking, I will walk up the hill and get on the 51 to bring me back to work, where this cycle begins again.

And somewhere, someone sings, "Circle of Life" from Lion King and I want to punch them.

I have been carless almost a year now. Most days, it is OK. And, now that the first years at school have to park WAY off campus and shuttle in, its actually more convenient. I haven't figured out simple things like groceries, yet, and my cupboard is perennially empty. An interesting problem, btw, with lots of unexpected side effects, but that's another blog post.

Most days, I just go round and round and round ... 24 to 31 to 51 to 24 etc.

A year ago, I was circling - downward. I joke that at least I had a known direction. I'm learning to be an adault, again, these days, and part of that is going in circles and just making sure your shit is done.

It is not always done on time, or the best it could be, but it is getting done.

And then it will change, and we find new circles to travel on. Thesis-antithesis-synthesis. My life is the Hegelian dialectic. Suppose that is better than basic and massive flaws in Cartesian logic. No, that was last year.

Anyways. Weird blog post, I know. I have no idea if this will even post, but expect more rumination if it works.

I do that a lot, riding on the bus and ruminating... Going round and round.

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