Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maine Senate Approves, Baldacci Considers

Making this quick...

The Maine Senate approved the equal marriage bill forwarded to it by the Jucidiary Committee in a 20-15 vote, even overcoming an attempt to add a referendum amendment to the bill. Then, later, Governor Baldacci who has been obsequious about his support, called one of the Pam's House Blend authors at home and indicated that he is considering signing the bill.

From PHB:
I [Baldacci] was extremely impressed by the arguments for both sides, but especially by the proponents.
They were very respectful- I liked that they turned their backs when they disagreed.

I was truly impressed by the people who spoke for the bill.

I was opposed to this for a long time, but people evolve, people change as time goes by...

At that point, he told me that civil rights sometimes take time to obtain.

I told him that I understood that all Mainers have an opinion regarding LD 1020 and while WE can all openly discuss them and many have already, HIS was the one opinion that had to be kept private and he HAS to keep quiet right now, as to let the legislative process play out without interference.

His response was that I was absolutely right.
I think, what we're seeing, is two things: one, people are starting to see that marriage for same-sex couples is not the end of the world, as some anticipated; and, two, that voting against it would put them on the wrong side of history.

Gathering Storm, indeed. Let's go, Maine!

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