Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Focus on ALL Families

Photo courtesy of Rusty Lockett

IMPACTCincinnati, along with MUSE, the Cincinnati Men's Chorus, PFLAG, GLSEN, Equality Ohio, GenderBLOC, the Gathering, Xavier Alliance, and many many others, hosted an event on Xavier's campus this evening to protest CCV's annual fundraiser also held on the campus this evening -- Focus on ALL Famillies. The weather moved the event from the green space outside to the sports arena, and organizers reported at least 200 people attended throughout the event. All in all, it was fun. I got to wander around and see pretty much everyone I know, and everyone I expect, intermixed with some new faces (mostly college kids) as well as some families (and children!).

I got a tweet shortly after -- suggesting that perhaps it was the same people that attend every event -- and there will be, of course, that ongoing dissatisfaction, I think, with anything that happens. Yes, I think, there will always be the familiar faces there, but, as Miss Chanak mightily stated, "You're giving me something to do." Sure, I saw everyone I expected, but what isn't a great event without the fabulous faces of local celebs like Lynne Lefebvre (PFLAG), Kathy Laufman (damn near everything), Dan Mess (GLSEN), Worley Rodehaver (the newspaper), Steven Van Kuiken/et al (the Gathering), or myself (of course)? I would miss them if they weren't there. But, more importantly, there were enough new people, and new organizations (Cincinnati's new group, COLAGE, made an appearance) to keep it interesting.

It was an event with a purpose, and it was pretty fun. I think, considering the rain and the move of locations, it was well attended and well put together. I can think of at least one family that did not attend because of the weather.

Jamie Royce (whom I finally met) over at StuffQueerPeopleNeedtoKnow reports that hours before the event Xavier University asked for Planned Parenthood not to attend. Silliness and absurdity, IMHO.

This post isn't the best put together, or the best written, but after the previous update, my fingers are tired. I promise I'll be more together in the future... or not. You know me, by now. :-)


Wolfie said...

I don;t want to be bitchy and I am not going to. I mean we all know I was not a huge supporter of this event because I thought it should be more of a "protest" but whatever. Its over now and if it easied some bucks for the student groups fine. (I also have a wee issue at that but I'll let it go)

Can I give just one wee bit of constructive critism that might help in the future for events.

It was great that this was advertised in advance. And where I am sure the weather may have hampered attendence. One thing that I was feilding questions about from people was . The Exact Time, adress and location of the event. The Cincinnati Beacon gave it a plug and linked to Impact's webpage but there was no specific info. Sort of makes it hard for people to attend.

Anonymous said...

Did you attend, Wolfie? Did you attempt to get involved in the planning? Just wondering.

Wolfie said...

Yes I attempted to get involved. And actually thats a rather loooong story I would rather not post on Barry's blog.

No I was not able to get there. many reasons. No transportation, friend from Boston arrived in town at the same tme yesterday, and personally I made no secret of this I would have preferred a stronger statement.

Alkso my previous post was not meant to SLAM them. It was meant as something constructive. Not all the details were clear. And wher they could get that info. (Exact location, time, directions)

Just pointing that out so next time they make it clearer because it might help them get more people.

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Today is Worley Rodehaver's 68th birthday. Now live the Byrd.

Dan said...

Wolfie - I understand wanting the event to be more of a protest. But this is what the Xavier Alliance (and its members who work with Impact Cincinnati) wanted. I think that when it comes to events in college spaces, we really have to defer to the students, teachers, and staff at the college who are trying to make a difference.

I'm curious - what's an event/protest/rally in the Cincy area that you've actually liked? I only tend to see your opinion on here when it's something you disapprove of. And you're perfectly in the right to only voice your displeasure, but I think it'd help me understand you more if you can give an example of something that you think went well. (And if I've missed you praising something earlier, apologies.)

Wolfie said...

Dan i did say that my comments weren't meant to be bitchy. Just letting them know that there was an issue with people getting directions and info and it wasn't readily available. And that it would be helpful in the future to get that ouyt front. Clear directions, time, and setting so maybe next time more people will get there. Jesus. I should just say fuck em and let people wonder.

I have actually said that even though I thought it was not a great statement that i wished them the best and was even in contact with the Beacon about posting about it.

A visual showing of opposition to the CCV liek a protest even if it was silent as their members arrived with a fundraiser afterwards would have been a nice statement. Just for visual to show that there are people who are actively against the CCV and are willing to stand up.

Its fine that the Alliance went for a fundraiser route but it really didn't make much of an impact against the CCV.

Now about the event/protest/rally I liked. Its not like there are that many here. Yes I disagree with the "Squealin" and yes the NAAVP thing was just a slap IMO. I noticed that Smitherman was a no show last night btw. And where the Family Fun Fest was a nice thing for the student groups it really didn't do much to combat or ecpose the CCV.

Oh btw. I did push the DOMA March in Columbus.

Perhaps I should just shut my mouth and let you guys muddle along and perhaps you'll have a DP Registry by 2020.

If you don't FIGHT for anything they aren't going to hand it to you. You guys should be so angry about how you are treated here. I mean Ohio compared to other parts of the country. Hell even Cincinnati compared to other cities in Ohio.

I'm just goning to give up. Do what you want. Maybe you'll have a DP Rehistry by 2020.

I'd also prefer not to talk about this on Barry's Blog and clutter his pages. If you guys want to talk about how I "only voice your displeasure" fell free to comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

We need to do what Wolfie says, you guys! He gets to give vague "big think" marching orders and call us stupid, and we get to do all the work and say "you're right."

All figured out now...