Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Movie for Xena

It appears there will be no movie made of the cult classic and longish running, campy-as-hell series Xena: Warrior Princess. The relationship between Xena and Gabrielle was long rumored and insinuated to be more than just friends and partners in justice.

From The Torch Online (thanks to @AfterEllen):
Rob Tapert, the co-creator of television’s Xena: Warrior Princess, has given up hope that there will ever be a live-action feature film version of the classic show, at least not any time soon or starring series leads Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor.

“It’s something that just won’t happen,” Tapert told in an exclusive interview. “I don’t think it’s going to happen for Lucy and Renee. In twenty years or ten years, in some amount of years, like McGyver, like Charlie’s Angels, it [could] happen like that [with other actresses].”
I'm a not-so-closeted Xena fan, and I used to watch the reruns late at night in college (though I prefered Hercules, with Kevin Sorbo's hot body, but Xena provided a lot of juicy men for you to watch... and, for the women folk out there, seriously -- isn't Lucy Lawless gorgeous?).

It is, indeed, a sad day for Hollywood, especially, as one commentator points out, movies can be made of much shorter run and less popular shows like Reno 911.


Quimbob said...

The last episode of Xena was so wide open for a movie, I have to say I was fairly certain there would be one. A problem with action characters is that the actors get old & can't do their parts forever.
Have you seen Smallville lately ? Tom Welling isn't looking like a 20 yr old these days.

angela said...

I vomit at the thought of other actresses playing Xena and Gabrielle like Charlie's Angels. YUCK.