Friday, April 17, 2009

Edgewood Teacher in Gay Scandal!

...but not what you think it's about. From ABC:
An Edgewood high school teacher resigns after admitting to taking students to a Dayton gay bar where the teenagers got their hands on alcohol.

Lori Epperson submitted a letter of resignation Thursday. She also sent an email to her supervisor and the school principal in which she admits to taking four female students to a club called Masque.

Sources tell 9News that Epperson's 18-year-old daughter was among the teens.

School officials launched an investigation after learning about the incident. They describe it as "inappropriate" conduct for a teacher.
Story goes on to indicate that Epperson got permission from all the parents, but the girls got ahold of alcohol after they had walked away. Out of curiosity, I wonder why they decided to do this at all. Surely the teacher was aware of the PR fiasco this would cause, though I applaud the action in theory. (There was a teacher at MU who made his students go to a drag show to talk about gender performance... but that's an older crowd.)

...unfortunately for Masque, one of the girls was 17, which is a real problem, as the school district is considering pursuing legal action.


Thanks to Montgomery for the heads up yesterday, and Towleroad for the reminder today.


Anonymous said...

this (scandal) is not helpful. fodder for the "gays are predators/recruiters" fundraising form letters.

Montgomery Maxton said...

there are a lot of holes in this story.

Barry Floore said...

And a lot of lesbians. ZING!!!!

The Seeker said...

Oh Barry you ahd to say it...

This better not fuck up Masque, since I'm a regular patron and this kind of stupid shit pisses me off...