Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Soapbox Media: Musings on Gay Cincinnati

An interesting article over at Soapbox Media that I'm mentioning not just because this blog is mentioned in it:
To paint a portrait that casts Cincinnati as a city without a rainbow would be disingenuous. There exists a groundswell of new energy in the LGBT corners of the city. There is new blood, new energy and a renewed sense of purpose that is beginning to take shape.
Worth a read this morning... check it out.

(Thanks to @TaketheCakeCafe for the heads up)


The Seeker said...

Dude that was cool!
It's kinda trippy to read that and realize that I have a hand in almost everything in that article...

Anonymous said...

He may be on to something. Maybe if we stop putting ourselves and our city down so much and start believing, we can really become something so much more.

Keepsake said...

I realize and appreciate what the author was trying to accomplish, but it's way too Pollyana-ish. Compare Cincy to any surrounding city, like Columbus or Indy, and it just doesn't stack up.

"Maybe... if we start believing..."?

No, maybe if we start getting off our asses and get involved. Simple things like getting dissed by the NAACP sends us into a self-loathing tizzie. Stand up, be proud, and don't accept no smack.