Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Voting for Marriage Equality in Ohio

From the Buckeye State Blog about the Fisher-Brunner marriage bit:
I’ve realized something. Someone who’s willing to compromise on this issue before even stepping up to the fight will accomplish absolutely nothing. I think it’s more than past time for a take no prisoners push on this issue. For too long Democrats have been able to skirt around it by taking the middle ground, while the Religious Right has shown no such tolerance on the other side of this issue. If Lee Fisher won’t come out in support of gay marriage now, you can bet he’ll only fight half-heartedly at best for civil unions.
Hoo-fuckin'-rah. Thank jeebus someone is willing to say it.

Also of note in marriage news:
  • Maine takes up the marriage debate tomorrow, expecting an all-day session in a 7,000 person stadium in expectation of a large turnout. 
  • A surprising poll out of Siena College tags support in New York for equal marriage to be at 53% -- with only 39% responding in the negative. Nate Silver of FivethirtyEight.com runs the numbers and finds that, even if the numbers are high, other polls all tell the same thing: a plurality of New Yorkers support equal marriage.
But, remember, according to the Dem leadership, it's not time yet.

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