Sunday, April 26, 2009

One more bucket list item illegal.

It's not really on my bucket list, but now that it's illegal, I really, really want to do it.

Nude hiking through the Swiss Alps, that is.

The canton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes by democratic majority (apparently they do old-school "raise your hand and vote" governance there) voted to illegalize nude hiking through their land. My first question, of course, was: this is a problem? My second question became: where else can this be done so that I, too, one day may partake.

From the Dickinson Press (via the AP):
Only a scattering of people on Sunday opposed the ban on the back-to-nature activity that took off last autumn when naked hikers — primarily Germans — started showing up in eastern Switzerland.

The cantonal government recommended the ban after citizens objected to encountering walkers wearing nothing but hiking boots and socks.

"The reactions of the population have shown that such appearances over a large area are perceived as thoroughly disturbing and irritating," the government said in a statement.

A similar legal move is expected in neighboring Appenzell Outer Rhodes with legislation being prepared against "this shameless behavior."

German Web sites promoting the activity describe it as "a special experience of nature, free and healthy" and said nude walking in the Alps has roots in antiquity.

Oh, those Germans and their nudism!!! Seriously, though, very sad that I can't ever do this. On the flip side, the fine is a measly 200 francs ($176), so maybe it's worth it!

I'm trying really hard to make a Sound of Music joke here -- if for no other reason than to make fun of Queen City Survey's Dan and his love of the movie -- but I, shamefully, have nothing to say. It's very sad, I know. There's something about being on the hill with a lonely goatherd [insert yodeling]. But it's just not coming to me. I'm sure my witty readers will have plenty of jokes, though.

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Michi said...

I got nothin' -- though my german roommate just made a puppy-dog sad face.

He says its something about the sensation of the naked body and those heavy boots. ;)