Thursday, April 16, 2009

RiverCity Softball League Kicks Off This Weekend!

Thanks to Edro Edro in the comments of the last blog I mentioned him in for bringing this up! And thanks to Gay Happy Alive and Well for the image below!!

The RiverCity Softball League -- Cincinnati's predominately LGBTQ softball tourney -- begins this Saturday with a kick off at 8:00pm at Yadda Club in Covington, Kentucky! Teams have all ready formed, but, if you are eager to play, I was on a team once and, I'll tell you that a lot of the teams could probably use an extra player or two.

The first game is Tuesday, April 21st (Edro -- I'm counting on you for pictures! That's my finals week!!!) -- so check 'em out!

And don't forget their Twitter account.

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