Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Five States of Texas

For your edification, the five states are: Guns, Jesus, Bush O'Reagan, Country Music, and Austin. AMERICAblog is asking you to name the five states.

You may have heard about this hubbub:

If you don't have time for YouTube, here's what the perpetually terrifying-looking former Congressman Tom Delay says:
"Texas as a republic joined the Union as a treaty. There's a process in the treaty by which Texas could divide into five states. If we invoke that, and the last time it was voted on was 1985, if we invoke that, the United States Senate would kick us out and nullify the treaty because they are not going to allow ten new Texas Senators into the Senate. That's how you secede."
All in response to Gov. Rick Perry's suggestion that they should secede. Just to clarify, then, these teabaggers are merely the first fighters towards a new Civil War? I'm just clarifying, of course.

Don't worry, Texas, Chuck Norris has no problem being your new President.

Can I also just say that this is the difference between the right and the left. With the left, we protest and yell and shout, but know that, in the end, the democratic process will win out. With the right, if they don't get their every wish, they stomp their feet and threaten to secede?

And all I ever threatened to move to Canada.

Of course, Nate Silver at has a great workup, of course, of how a Texas secession would play. Hey Nate! Is Perry running for President?

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