Monday, May 4, 2009

P&G Becomes Trans-Inclusive

Proctor & Gamble, local giant often "Proctor and God" for its dominance of the local employment and everything market, has added "gender identity and expression" to its non-discrimination policy, according to a Washington Blade story
"We at P&G recognize the power that comes from people of diverse backgrounds and experiences coming together around a common goal. Our policy forbids any discrimination, harassment or intimidation because of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability or other non-job-related personal characteristic. Employees are encouraged to bring questions or concerns in this area to their management. Strict disciplinary action for violations of this policy will be taken, including termination of employment."
In the 2008 HRC Corporate Equality Index, P&G earned a score of 85 -- up from 65 in 2006 -- the remaining 15 points are because they do not protect based on gender identity/expression. Congratulations, P&G, you likely just earned yourself a 100 in 2010.

QueersUnited, where I got this story, is encouraging you to contact and thank P&G.


Jeff Elrod said...

this is fantastic - let's see if other cincinnati companies will follow suit. great american? kroger? ge aviation? we'll see.

Just Vegas said...

Great news!
Hey, have your readers call the NH governor to encourage his support for HB436, the Marriage Equality Bill. I believe there is danger of him vetoing it. The number is 603-271-2121. Every call counts and there are tons of out-of-towners calling for the veto!!

Jeffery said...

I was just talking to someone who works for P&G this past week about how great I thought it was that P&G has a gay employees group. The response was that anyone that really wanted to get ahead in the company wouldn't join that group. As far as upper management goes it would be better to stay in the corporate closet.

The person that told me this has worked for P&G for years. I would like to think that this person is wrong and P&G really is progressive. Does anyone know the truth, or lack thereof, of such a statement.

Dan said...

I work for Kroger, and we just started our GLBT affinity group. Actually, we're just getting *any* employee affinity groups now, so it's not like the queer folks have been left behind... We do have domestic partner benefits, and apparently trans-inclusivity is starting to make its way onto the docket for the company.